Rafael’s lead Emulsiphan product candidate is EmPAC, a reformulated Paclitaxel product that has demonstrated increased safety and efficacy versus Paclitaxel alone in preclinical testing. Paclitaxel is the active ingredient in one of the most commonly prescribed chemotherapies, Taxol®.

In preclinical testing, EmPAC:

  • Delivered a higher concentration of drug delivered to the target at significantly reduced doses.
  • Shrunk more tumors and improved survival compared to Taxol alone.
  • Demonstrated similar advantages over Abraxane, the only currently approved reformulation of Paclitaxel.

In April 2010, Cornerstone announced a collaboration with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to develop the combination of certain novel, anticancer agents discovered by NCI with Cornerstone’s Emulsiphan Drug Delivery System. EmPAC is in preclinical testing.